Starting a Valach engine explained in 3 easy steps...

16.05.2017 14:56
The starting procedure here explained on a VM R5-250, will work with other Valach engines as well, no matter if you have a Single, Flat twin, Inline or Radial engine. Using an external fuel pump will have no effect on the starting procedure.

Step 1: Sucking in Fuel

Close the choke valve and switch off the ignition. Turn the propeller, until a small amount of fuel drips out of the carburettor. 


Step 2: Getting the right mixture

Open the choke valve and leave the Ignition swithed off. Turn the propeller one or two times to get the right mixture of air and fuel in the combustion chamber.


Step 3: Starting your engine

Turn on the ignition and set the throttle slightly higher than normal idle. Now you are ready to start the engine.